Photography Professor Ron Herman became intrigued with with the mystery surrounding the fashion photography of Alberto Korda and initiated the Korda Moda project. His research has taken him to Cuba numerous times where he has interviewed Korda’s models, colleagues, family and friends. In addition to recording their stories, Herman scanned any existing prints in their possession, which are believed to be the only remaining images from Korda’s fashion years. Herman and his team digitally restored the images, which in most cases were severely damaged. In 2013, Herman mounted an exhibition of the world’s largest collection of Korda fashion images, most of which had not been seen since their original creation in the 1950s-60s. Herman continues cataloguing the fashion images that have survived since Korda’s studio was nationalized.He is cataloging the fashion images that have survived since Korda’s studio was nationalized in 1968.

Ron Herman is an award winning educator and Chair of the Photography Department at Foothill College, located outside of San Francisco, California. He has photographed for Polo Ralph Lauren and Spiegel, and his work is included in such collections as the Fototeca de Cuba, Kinsey Institute and the Snite Museum of Art. Herman received his MFA from the University of Notre Dame, and has lectured on his work and digital imaging technologies at Cornell, Stanford, and Yale Universities.